About Us

Ponder Kickz is an up-and-coming online sneaker site specialising in rare and sought-after sneakers. Being hugely into the sneaker scene myself I have been through the pain of trying to get my hands on the rarest and in demand trainers, that’s where we come in.

We want to make your lives as easy as possible by supplying the rarest trainers on the marketplace to your door, at affordable prices and stress free.

Sharing a huge passion for the industry, we pride ourselves on making our customers feel great with their shoes on and we all know what it’s like to put on that new shoe for the first time… We want to reach a wider audience and make everyone feel special with the sneakers on offer here at Ponder Kickz.

Let us bring the excitement to you with our products.

For daily updates make sure to check out our Instagram where we interact with our customers and do regular giveaways!